We use cookies to improve and customise the experience of the users on this website. In particular we use three different types of cookies:

Necessary cookies

They allow browsing the website and using its contents. Without these cookies it is not possible to benefit from the required services. This category includes cookies that allow the user to be remembered while surfing the website in each session or, if required, from one session to the other. Furthermore, this cookie type facilitates online shopping (shopping cart and checkout process) as well as assistance in case of safety problems and conformity with rules.

Functionality cookies

These allow the site to remember the user’s choices (for example name, language, geographical region from where they surf) and deliver specific and customised content to make the site more suitable for the user’s needs. Functionality cookies may also help to supply services required by the user, such as playing a video. The information gathered by these cookies do not keep track of the surfing activity of the user on different websites.

Third party cookies

Some of our web pages contain elements from other sites or “share” buttons allowing the users of this site to share contents through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It may happen that these sites set up a cookie when you are logged in to benefit from their services. We do not manage the set up of cookies in these sites and therefore invite you to refer to these third parties for further information concerning their cookies and how to manage them.